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Pump Manufacturer, who has plentiful manufacturing experience more than 20 years follow the ideas of Technical innovation, Integrity Services. We are constantly committed to R & D, create new products and diversified model design. The products category including Sewage Pump, Stainless Steel Sewage Pump, Large Volume Axial Pump, Aquaculture Pump, Engineering Pump, Rotary-Sprinkling Oxygen Aerator Pump, Submersible Ejector Pump…etc.

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SONHO PUMP has markets over the world, mainly are Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, European, Mainland China. The mostly applications to Aquaculture, Chemical Industry, Environmental Protection Industry, Animal Husbandry, Factory Wastewater, Pumping Stations, Industrial Engineering…etc.

pump assembly line                              Assembly line                          
                   pump spray painting              
   spray painting
pump test LaboratoryEquipment for water flow meter
pump testLaboratory for water flow meter
sonho pump marketing countriesExport to worldwide