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Submersible water pump

Submersible water pump

Submersible water pump application: 
drainage of construction cite and subway, flood control/prevention of public construction, irrigation, water circulation of aquaculture and landscape pond...etc.

Submersible water pump series (50HZ)
Output: 0.2HP~15HP 
Discharge: 1"~4"(inch)
Phase:  1Ф~3Ф
Head: 5~33 (m)

Submersible water pump FEATURES
1. Mini size, lightweight and superior to same grades of other pumps. 
2. Motor Frame, shaft, screws and strainer are made of stainless steel to provide long service life and attractive appearance. 
3. Good performance, high water volume and energy saving, high wear- resistant mechanical seal and oil seal are adopted to maintain long time operation. 
4. Dependable laminated sheet of Si steel is adopted to motor; shaft and rotor are machining precisely to raise stability and efficiency of motor. 
5. Inner cable wires and cable base are upgraded by filling EPOXY to raise humidity-resistance. 
6. The product range is up to 15Hp, dual SIC mechanical seals is built in ( 1.5 Hp and above), and stress eliminating design is adopted (10Hp and above) to raise operating efficiency. 
7. Superior design to easily disassemble motor and pump housing for maintenance. 
8. Float switch is available for model under 2Hp (except BA-205B 3phase).

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