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High head water pump

High head water pump

High head water pump application:
asprinkler for grass, garden, horticulture; irrigation for orchard; water spray for roof cleaning; wastewater treatment; drainage of basement and well water, and car wash...etc.

BU-322   (50HZ)
Output:  3HP  (2.2kw)
Discharge: 3" (inch)
Phase:  3Ф
Standards Capacity:0.3(m3/min)
Standards Head: 19 (m)
Weight: 49(kg)

High head water pump FEATURES
1. Double impeller and pump housing design for BU-107. 
2. Adopted dual mechanical seals provide long time operation.
3. Impeller is designed to special water flow, and corrosive-resistant and wear-resistant for high-head uses.
4. Motor frame, shaft, screws are made of stainless steel to make long service life and attractive appearance. 
5. The base of cable is made out of integral plastic to upgrade humidity-resistance.
6. Float switch is available for model under 2Hp.

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