Water Pump Factory for Submersible Construction Pump

Construction Pump

Water Pump Factory Produces Submersible Construction Pump and Construction Dewatering Pump

Construction Pumps application:
machinery and equipment for pumps, long-term circulation pump, iron and steel industry wastewater treatment, river sewage, engineering drainage,Any other industrial wastewater treatment...etc.

Construction pumps series (50HZ):
Discharge: 2"~8" (inch)
Phase:1Ф 220V / 3Ф
Capacity:0.2~6.0 (m3/min)
Head: 5~38 (m)

Construction pumps FEATURES:

  1. Dry-type model with overload protector is built-in to protect motor from overheat and overload.
  2. Inner cable wires and cable base are upgraded by filling EPOXY to raise humidity-resistance.
  3. Motor frame and casing are made of stainless steel and water-cooling jacket design increases efficiency of heat diffusion.
  4. Stainless steel shaft is calibrated in dynamic balance test. Dual mechanical seal SIC/SIC are fitted and dual oil seals design raises effects of dust-proof.
  5. Impeller and agitator are made of high chrome alloy steel (HCR,3hp,above), high wear resistance, and calibrated by dynamic balance test.
  6. Pump housing and stress eliminating plate are made of wear-resistant and malleable cast iron, and stress eliminating design is adopted between pump housing and mechanical seal lid to reduce flow stress.


BOT Series - 50Hz

BOT Series - 60Hz

SONHO is a professional water pump factory with expertise in construction dewatering pumps. We are committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency products to meet the needs of global construction projects. Our submersible construction pumps are well designed to ensure a dry and safe working environment.