Wastewater Pump Manufacturer for Stainless Steel Water Pump

Stainless Steel Wastewater Pump Series

Wastewater Pump Manufacturer for Stainless Steel Water Pump

Stainless steel wastewater pump series application:
chemical industry, metal industry, laboratory wastewater treatment, medical industry wastewater treatment.

Stainless steel wastewater pump series (50HZ):
Output:0.5HP~15HP  (3.7kw)
Discharge: 1 1/2"~4" (inch)
Capacity:0.1 – 1.5 (m3/min)
Head: 4.5 – 42 (m)

Stainless steel wastewater pump series Features :

  1. Stainless steel 304/316 materials are adopted for corrosive- resistance.
  2. Chemical-resistant SIC mechanical seal and fluorine gasket are adopted to provide reliable sealing effects for chemical wastewater.
  3. Precision casting method is used and the weight is 25% less than same grades of other pumps.
  4. The base of cable is made out of integral plastic to upgrade humidity-resistance.
  5. Italian techniques and professional design are adopted for water-resistance.
  6. Float switch is available for model under 2Hp (except KA-205 3phase)


KA Series - 50Hz

KA Series - 60Hz

SONHO, a distinguished force in wastewater pump manufacturing, blends design prowess with manufacturing excellence. Specializing in stainless steel water pump series, we deliver cutting-edge fluid handling systems. SONHO's state-of-the-art facilities craft pumps engineered for reliability and optimal performance in demanding environments, setting the standard for durability and precision.