Guide Rail System for Submersible Pump

Guide Rail System for Submersible Pump

Guide Rail System for Submersible Pump

Water drainage in basements of buildings, sewage treatment tanks, tunnels, subways, etc.

Specifications of Guide Rail device:
Suitable for pump:0.5Hp ~ 30Hp
Discharge Outlet:2” ~ 8”
Chain:3m / 4m

Features of Guide Rail device:

  1. Approached to most of SONHO PUMP Sewage and Wastewater pump.
  2. Optional choices of cast iron material (FT type) and stainless steel material (KFT type)。
  3. Easy and fast installation, saving time and effort.


Guide Rail

SONHO offers a reliable and efficient guide rail system for submersible pumps, ideal for various water drainage applications. Whether it's basement dewatering, sewage treatment tanks, tunnels, or subways, our system ensures smooth and safe operation of submersible pumps. The guide rail is designed to accommodate pumps ranging from 0.5Hp to 30Hp, offering versatility for different project requirements. With a 2” discharge outlet, it provides efficient water flow management. SONHO's guide rail for submersible pumps deliver optimal performance and durability in demanding environments.