Elevate Efficiency with Cutting-edge Guide Rail Equipment

Guide Rail Equipment

Guide Rail Equipment

Water drainage in basements of buildings, sewage treatment tanks, tunnels, subways, etc.

Specifications of Guide Rail device:
Suitable for pump:0.5Hp ~ 30Hp
Discharge Outlet:2” ~ 8”
Chain:3m / 4m

Features of Guide Rail device:

  1. Approached to most of SONHO PUMP Sewage and Wastewater pump.
  2. Optional choices of cast iron material (FT type) and stainless steel material (KFT type)。
  3. Easy and fast installation, saving time and effort.


Guide Rail

Our precision-engineered solutions set industry standards, ensuring efficiency in various applications. Trust SONHO for comprehensive solutions designed to optimize production processes. Our guide rail equipment enhances accuracy and efficiency, streamlining operations in manufacturing, transportation, and industrial settings. Choose SONHO for dependable guide rail equipment, delivering seamless movement and alignment in your systems.