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Stainless Steel Dewatering Pump (portable)

Portable Pump Manufacturer for Stainless Steel Dewatering Pump and Portable Dewatering Pump

Stainless steel dewatering pump application:

For circulation and water removal of fish farm,fountain pool, landscape pond, car wash, drainage of basement and construction site, wastewater treatment of chemical industries...etc.

Stainless steel dewatering pump (portable) 50HZ:
Output: 0.2HP~1.5HP
Discharge: 1" ~ 2" (inch)
Capacity: 0.05~0.35 (m3/min)
Head: 4~11 (m)

Stainless steel dewatering pump Features:

  1. Corrosive-resistant stainless steel materials are adopted, attractive appearance, no second pollution caused.
  2. Chemical-resistant SIC mechanical seal and fluorine gasket are adopted to provide reliable sealing effects for chemical wastewater.
  3. Light weight, pump casing is made of stainless steel and formed by stamping.


KOT Series - 50Hz

KOT Series - 60Hz

SONHO, a renowned portable pump manufacturer, offers top-tier stainless steel dewatering pumps ideal for diverse applications. From fish farms and landscape ponds to construction sites and chemical wastewater treatment, our pumps excel in water circulation and removal. The portable dewatering pump range (50HZ) boasts power outputs from 0.2HP to 1.5HP, with discharge sizes of 1" to 2" and capacities reaching 0.35 m3/min. Engineered with corrosive-resistant stainless steel and chemical-resistant seals, these pumps ensure durability and prevent secondary pollution. Their lightweight design and robust construction make them perfect for both portability and demanding environments. Trust SONHO's dewatering solutions for efficient and reliable water management across various industries.