Dewatering Pump Manufacturer for Dewatering Sump Pump

Dewatering Pump

Dewatering Pump Manufacturer for Submersible Dewatering Pump and Dewatering Sump Pump

Dewatering Pump Application:
Lifting of well water and underground water (limited for 3Hp and 5Hp pumps);
Aqua farm, Agriculture Irrigation, Drainage of subway…etc.

Dewatering Pumps series (50HZ / 1500 & 3000 RPM):
Output: 1.5HP~10HP
Discharge: 2"~ 6" (inch)
Phase:1Ф220V / 3Ф
Capacity:0.2~3.0 (m3/min)
Head: 5~34 (m)

Dewatering pumps FEATURES:
1. Two different speed motors are available; two-pole (BH+S series) and four-pole (BH-4P series).
2. Two features (Water delivery and extraction) in one design can be applied as a landed water pump by removing strainer and connecting a check valve.
3. Water-cooling jacket design prevents overheat after long time operation, and impeller is designed regards to slicing concept for high water volume and high head.
4. SIC mechanical seal is adopted for pump's power 3Hp and above.
5. Check valve is available (option, limited for 3Hp and 5Hp pump).


BH+S Series-50HZ




As a dewatering pump manufacturer, SONHO address the critical need for efficient water management in various industries. The submersible dewatering pump, a flagship product in our portfolio, is engineered to deliver optimal performance in applications where water removal is a primary concern. SONHO's commitment to quality extends to our dewatering sump pump solutions, designed to effectively address sump and drainage challenges.